My goal with Playlist Golf is to make it easy to wander around the world of music, finding tracks that go together. This is the alpha test site for the engine, a more complete user interface is under development. Have fun poking around and I'll bring you new features and a nicer interface as quickly as I can.

You can get started by trying some of the example lists below, or click here to go straight to the recommendation engine.

Three Track Examples
90s Hipster
Arena Rock
Country (1980s)
Dubstep Goes Mainstream
Guitar Rock (1970s)
Metal (1980s)
Modern Glam
New Wave
R&B (1970s)
Four Track Examples
Female Vocalists
Modern Metal
Rap (1980s)
Larger Lists
80's Pop (6 tracks)
90's Techno (7 tracks)
Modern Hard Rock (9 tracks)
Female Vocalists (10 tracks)
Hard Rock Grrls (12 tracks)

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